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Harnessing the Power of Hemp for Healthier, Happier Dogs

Pioneers in CBD Dog Treats

Established in 2017, CBDDogTreats.com is on a mission to create top-tier hemp-infused products exclusively for our beloved canine companions. We've always been passionate about the potential of cannabinoids and quality ingredients, and we set out to extend those benefits to our four-legged family members through the inception of CBD Dog Treats.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the well-being of your pets through premium hemp-infused products, empowering them to live their happiest, healthiest lives.

Our Values

Transparency, integrity, and the highest quality standards define our core values. We're committed to crafting products that reflect these values and earn your trust.

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CBD Dog Treats Journey

From the very beginning, our goal was clear: to craft natural, gourmet CBD Dog Treats that prioritize your dog’s health and your wallet. Our treats are meticulously crafted to be 100% grain-free, gluten-free, and brimming with organic, human-grade ingredients. We insist on nothing but the finest, which is why we source our Premium CBD isolate from trusted American growers and processors. This ensures that every treat we offer is 100% THC-free.

As our journey unfolded, we discovered the vast potential of hemp to enhance canine well-being. This realization led us to expand our product line to include CBD Dog Oil and CBD Dog Balm, offering a comprehensive range of hemp-infused solutions for your furry friends. Additionally, we introduced CBD Cat Treats, recognizing that cats, like dogs and humans, can also benefit from the remarkable properties of hemp.

We live by these sentiments. Our mission is simple yet profound: to craft the finest hemp-infused dog products that enable your canine companion to live their best lives. We’re here to celebrate the unconditional love and unwavering loyalty that dogs bring to our lives.

Join us as we continue to explore the incredible potential of hemp, supporting the well-being of both dogs and their devoted human companions.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole
Roger Caras (photographer and writer)
Scratch a dog, and you'll find a permanent job.
Franklin P. Jones (humorist)

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About Bebe's Botanicals: Our Sister Company

In 2019, we extended our passion for hemp-infused wellness to humans by establishing Bebe’s Botanicals, our sister company. Bebe’s Botanicals is dedicated to promoting the holistic healing power of hemp through a diverse array of topicals and infused oils. Based in central Oklahoma, we proudly embrace evolving hemp laws and advocate for its profound health and wellness benefits.

At Bebe’s Botanicals, we wholeheartedly believe in hemp’s transformative influence on well-being and balance in life. Hemp is a versatile plant with applications ranging from textiles to food and clothing. We are committed to helping individuals discover the potential of cannabis for improving their quality of life.

Bebe's Botanicals for CBD Dog Treats
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