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Discover heartwarming testimonials from pet owners who have experienced the positive impact of CBD Dog Treats on their furry companions. Read their genuine reviews of happier and healthier pets through the power of CBD.

"I have been using this product for my dogs for many years now. I have a deaf dog with a lot of anxiety and stress/fear issues. This makes him managable. Weve tried medications, etc. CBD is the only thing that works. Thanks for making a great product."
Brian V.
Gourmet Hemp Dog Bites - Veggie Combo
"Dog loves them and they definetly worked!!!"
Margery K.
Wholesale Gourmet Hemp Dog Bites - Meat and Cheese
"I got these for my brother to give his 13 year old GSD. It’s early but I’m hoping it will help him be more comfortable."
Mary E.
Gourmet Hemp Dog Bites - Veggie Combo
"my dogs love them!! highly recommond"
Vanessa V.
Gourmet Hemp Dog Bites -sample pack
"He loves them"
Floretta K.
Gourmet Hemp Dog Bites -Fruit Duo
"Just my second bag of the Fruit Duo and Katie loves them as much as the Meaty ones."
Mary E.
Gourmet Hemp Dog Bites - Fruit Duo
"I have a 13-year-old dog with bad pain. I did not want to put him on painkillers if I did not have to but wanted his quality of life to be better. I happen to hear about this and did a little research, then tried it. Let me tell you he is like a pup again (pain-free for the most part). I would definitely recommend this."
Brandee F.
CBD Dog Oil
"I have an older dog that is starting to have dementia and paces at night. Since I have been giving her the CBD Dog Treats, the pacing is minimal and she sleeps through the night."
Melissa C.
Gourmet CBD Dog Treats - Meat & Cheese
"My dog loves these, and they are the only medicated treats that actually work for her. "
Steven M.
Gourmet CBD Dog Treats - Meat & Cheese

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Everything I know I learned from dogs.
Nora Roberts (author)
Scratch a dog, and you'll find a permanent job.
Franklin P. Jones (humorist)
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