Bebe’s Botanicals Hemp-Infused Oil


Bebe’s Botanicals Hemp-Infused Oils. Available in three strengths so you can find the perfect dosage.

Bebe’s Botanicals Hemp-Infused Oil

Experience the holistic benefits of our Hemp-Infused Oil, carefully crafted for human well-being. While our primary focus is on canine companions, our sister company, Bebe’s Botanicals, offers this premium Hemp-Infused Oil designed specifically for humans.

Why Choose Bebe’s Botanicals Hemp-Infused Oil?

Pure, clean CBD isolate is what makes our Hemp-Infused Oils soar. Each bottle contains unrefined hemp seed oil and premium CBD isolate sourced from USA-grown hemp. We are committed to simplicity, ensuring a natural flavor that guarantees receiving the finest quality.

Different Strengths for different needs

Bebe’s Botanicals Hemp-Infused Oils come in a variety of strengths so you are able to find the right dosage for you. Available in:

  • 1000mg CBD per bottle
  • 2000mg CBD per bottle
  • 3000mg CBD per bottle

Each bottle is 2oz (60ml)

How to Use Hemp-Infused Oils:

Take one dropper of our Hemp-Infused Oil one to two times daily or as needed to embrace the potential benefits of CBD.

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Weight 4.2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1.5 in
Hemp Extract amount

1000mg, 2000mg, 3000mg


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